2018 Select Team Camp

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Future Stars- (5)

  • Kadyn McCafferty
  • Kiran Chhetri
  • Wyatt Reynolds
  • Greyson Westmore
  • Holden McNeil

Level 8 (11)- (6)

  • Preston Ngai
  • Jaden Bottarini
  • Brandon Dao
  • Emilio Bracken Serra
  • Tobe Lin
  • Wade Nelson

Level 8 (12)- (8)

  • Vahe Petrosyan
  • Maxwell Odden
  • Toma Murakawa
  • Evan Wenstad
  • Troy Nuesca
  • Arthur Dmitriyenko
  • Roy Waletzki
  • Niko Greenly

Level 9 (13)- (10)

  • Arun Chherti
  • Colin Flores
  • Tyler Flores
  • Brendan Strom
  • Hilton Green
  • Kaien Orion
  • Zachary Smollin
  • Brandon Dang
  • Mathew Navarro
  • Izaiha Mlay

Level 9 (14)- (11)

  • Marcus Kushner
  • Cailen Walker
  • Andrew McGill
  • Ezreal Orlino
  • Adriel Perales-Valencia
  • Aidan Myers
  • Marqus Miranda
  • Ryan Markowitz
  • Eric Hoe
  • Levon Chalikyan
  • Grant Guerrero

Level 10 (15)- (10)

  • Raydel Gamboa
  • Isaiah Drake
  • Brandon Nguyen
  • Mark Berlaga
  • Jadon Roberson
  • Tyler Shimizu
  • Sean Shimizu
  • Matthew Krall
  • Joseph Pepe
  • Maxwell Taniguchi-King

Level 10 (16)- (8)

  • Samuel Phillips
  • Jeremy Bischoff
  • Maxim Ryzhuk
  • Zachary Martin
  • Blake Tingzon
  • Troy Lipis
  • Eric Shebert
  • Malcom-Allen Baytop

Level 10 (17)- (10)

  • Dylan Young
  • Kyle Shuttle
  • Troy Mendelson
  • Will Lavanakul
  • Hunter Brunett
  • Brandon Garcia
  • Tuocheng Yao
  • Mathew Guey
  • Brandon Briones
  • Riley Loos

End of the Year Awards

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Congratulations to the 2018 Hiroshi Fujimoto Coach of the Year Recipients:
FS West Coast
Level 5 CSC
Level 6 Elevate
Level 7 Accel
Level 8 West Coast
Level 9 West Coast
Level 10 Elevate
JD Peninsula


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The 2018 Youth Olympic Games will be held October 6 to 18 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

One male athlete will be chosen to represent the United States. One coach will also be chosen for the Youth Olympic Games. The athlete and coach will be selected from a pool of individuals who meet the participant criteria as noted in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games Selection Procedures and who have also pre-registered with the USOC.

The selection procedures for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games can be found at: https://usagym.org/PDFs/Pressbox/Selection%20Procedures/m_18yog.pdf

Athletes and coaches selected for the Youth Olympic Games are required to stay for entire Youth Olympic Games regardless of the actual competition schedule for men’s gymnastics. The USOC defines the Period of Stay as the period from the Opening Ceremony until the Closing Ceremony of the Youth Olympic Games. For the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, the duration is from October 6 to October 18, 2018.

Athletes and coaches who wish to be considered for selection to the Youth Olympic Games and who meet the criteria noted in the Youth Olympic Games selection procedures must preregister with the USOC. 

In order to be considered for selection to the YOG you must send your name, one good email address, headshot (50kb or larger), and a copy of your passport (.jpg format only), to Lisa Mendel at lmendel@usagym.org no later than May 1, 2018.  The email address will be sent to the USOC to trigger an invitation to be emailed to you to complete the registration process.  Your passport cannot expire before April 7, 2019.

You will receive an invitation from the USOC to complete the online YOG registration process. USOC registration must be completed no later than May 10, 2018 to be eligible for selection the YOG.  Please note that this is a USOC function.  If someone does not complete this process by May 10, there is no way of completing it for you and you will not be in consideration for the YOG.  It is highly recommended that you complete this process as soon as possible and not wait until May 10.  If you have technical difficulties, contact Lisa Mendel immediately.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact either me or Lisa Mendel.

For USA Gymnastics,

Dennis McIntyre

Meet Hosting Procedures

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Here are the PDF documents necessary for hosting meets in the up-coming (2018-2019) season. Please read thru and submit the forms accordingly.

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Saturday & Sunday

May 19 & 20, 2018

Train with the BEST, Reach your PEAK!

Join us for a World Class Training Camp for Artistic Men’s, Women’s, T&T, and Acro!

Summer Camp

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Safe sport chalk from AAIAAI is committed to fostering a safe, fun, and healthy environment for the sport of gymnastics. For every case of gym chalk purchased online, AAI will donate 10% of sales back to the Safe Sport initiative and the Athlete Assistance Fund. Our goal is to sell 1,000 cases with your help, so give back to the sport and buy yours today!


Stanford Hiring for Summer Camps

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Stanford Men’s Gymnastics is looking for coaches who would be interested in coaching our summer camps! We are looking for the following:

  • High Performance Camp(s) –
    • Experienced Competitive Level Coaches
    • Dormitory Staff; Males only, responsible and experienced working with boys aged 9-18yrs.
  • Ninja Camps – Recreational or Competitive Gymnastics or Parkour Coaches

Pay Rates (starting)

Coaching – $16/hr, includes lunch

Dorm Duty – TBD but probably a little bit over $10/hr, includes room and board.


HP Camp (full day, overnight)- June 26-30

HP Camp (full day, day camp)- July 5-8

Ninja Camp 1(half day 8:30-12:30)- July 9-13

Ninja Camp 2 (half day 8:30-12:30)- July 16-20

Ninja Camp 3 (half day 8:30-12:30)- July 23-27

Ninja Camp 4 (half day 8:30-12:30)- Aug 6-10

Tentative Ninja Camp 5 (half day 8:30-12:30)- Aug 13-17

Travel, room and board as well as compensation rate may be negotiable based upon coaching experience.

Inquiries please contact Karl Ziehn at kziehn@stanford.edu or (510) 334-0674 cell.



Karl Ziehn
Assistant Coach – Men’s Gymnastics 
Stanford Athletics

2018 National Qualifier and U.S. Championships

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The 2018 National Qualifier and U.S. Championships information has been posted on the men’s page of the USA Gymnastics web site. The direct link to the document is:


Also, the approved 2018 World Championships team selection procedures have been posted on the USA Gymnastics web site. The direct link to the selection procedures document is:


Please let me know if you have any questions.


USA Gymnastics Logo

Lisa Mendel

Men’s Program Manager

130 E. Washington Street, Ste. 700

2018 Cal Benefit Camp

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Cal Benefit Cup is pleased to announce it’s 3rd annual Cal Benefit Camp! Register now for Summer 2018:
Highlights include:
  • Work and train with Cal Men’s Gymnastics Staff
  • Opportunity to practice and compete on the world renowned UC Berkeley campus
  • Gain insight into what it takes to make it to and succeed at a top collegiate gymnastics level