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  1. Kathy Scott says:


    We are new to the team gymnastic competition world. May you clarify the dates for Level 4 Boys. Thanks

  2. olssonf says:

    Details for State Championships will be posted in the future. For now, basic dates and locations are listed in the NCBGA google calendar

  3. Paul Thomas Massie says:

    A Cdn MAG program looking for a meet in Jan – Feb for next season. We run the equivalent of your MAG JO L4 – 9. I was put onto your site by Charlie a MAG Judge at last weekend’s Washington Open. Much appreciated, Paul.

  4. olssonf says:

    The NCBGA google calendar lists all of the competitions available any given year. Most meets keep their calendar spot year-after-year, so if you look at the ones from 2019, there is a good chance you can plan for the same meets to be available in 2020. You can always see in the description/details of each meet who is hosting the meet and contact that meet director or gym directly. As for the USAG requirements, you will have to register your athletes with our National Governing Body ( to find out what the necessary steps are. ALL athletes competing at a NCBGA/USAG sanctioned meet must be registered nationally — Coaches too.
    I hope we can make this work. NorCal is always excited to have international participation at our competitions. Look forward to meeting you in person.
    Breeze Olsson (NCBGA webguy)

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