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  1. Will you be posting newly dated forms for the 2010-11 year soon?

  2. Heather flores says:

    Club registrations are due in september with higher fees after that per the form. Athlete registration is due November 1st.

  3. Blair Lowe says:

    please fix the link for the proposed 2012-16 AGCP as it needs to be:

    It functions after adding the “/doc” but should have the URL fixed

  4. Pam Bennett says:

    Is there a tentative schedule for Nor Cal’s state meet (level 10) on the weekend of March 18-20, 2011?

  5. olssonf says:

    Level 10’s are competing on saturday.
    More specific information will be posted as soon as the state numbers are finalized (in February.)

  6. Rick Weaver says:

    When will the 2011 State future star testing registration form and the 2011-2012 Club membership form be posted.

  7. olssonf says:

    I’m posting the future stars info tonight and the club membership forms will be updated soon after Heather comes back to the country. For now, use THIS suggestion from Michelle:

    “use the old form, email to Heather and snail mail w/ check to Scott Burns c/o Cal Sports Center”

    peace, Breeze (ncbga webguru)

  8. Steve Edwards says:

    Help, can’t find qualifing scores for this season….

  9. Sean Andersen says:

    When will the 2012 state meet schedule be posted?


  10. olssonf says:

    Thanks for requesting the information. It is now posted.

  11. Dave Peterson says:

    What prevents a club located in Northern California from participating in the “recognized and sanctioned” USA Gymnastics State, Regional, National Championships if they are not members of the NCBGA yet they are member clubs and athletes of USA Gymnastics?

  12. Dave Peterson says:

    Will you be publishing or providing the updated forms for club and athlete registration anytime soon? I thought the deadline was August 31, but the form links show it for last year. How about eliminating the year since it’s the same form each year?

  13. Brittany Kitchen says:

    Hello when will you be posting 2017/2018 Athlete and Club registration forms?

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