2014 Level 6-10

Northern California Boys Gymnastics Association

Levels 6-10

March 15-16, 2014

Meet Site
West High School
1775 W. Lowell Ave. Tracy, CA 95376

Visit the State Championships website for more information and registration forms for Level 6 through 10.

Some additional information regarding team competition (also applies to L5):

You can make changes to your designated team(s) up until competition starts for the level.

You can assign ONE athlete from the next younger age group to count towards the older age group team score with a few caveats.

  1. You cannot already have three in the older age group.
  2. You cannot break a younger team to make an older one.
  3. You cannot assign a younger athlete to be the fourth member of an older team, only the third.



These times are TENTATIVE, Final session times will be available no later than 7 days prior to the meet start date.

  • Saturday, March 15
    Session 1: Level 8
    Open Stretch 8:00am
    March-in 8:20am
  • Session 2: Level 9
    Open Stretch 12:15pm
    March-in 12:35pm
  • Session 3: Level 10
    Open Stretch 4:30pm
    March-in 4:50pm
  • Sunday, March 16
    Session 4 Level 6
    Open Stretch 8:00am
    March-in 8:20am 
  • Session 5 Level 8-10 Technical Sequence
    Open Stretch 12:15pm
    March-in 12:35pm
  • Session 6 Level 7
    Open Stretch 4:00pm
    March-in 4:20pm


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