2012 States

NCBGA proudly welcomes everyone to the 2012 Junior Olympic State Championships.

This year’s Level 4 State Championships is hosted by Performance Athletics, in San Luis Obispo.  This meet is also the Qualifier for level 5 and 6 athletes who have not scored the required All-Around scores in at least 2 meets throughout the regular season.

  • Level 5 = 88.0
  • Level 6 = 86.0

Here is a link to the Level 4 Meet Procedures:

Level 5-10 State Championships will be hosted by Golden Bear Gymnastics.

Golden Bear will be conducting on-site registration for L5-10 State Championships at the L5/6 State Qualifier (those that qualify at the qualifier and any pre-qualified athletes of any level that you haven’t yet registered).

You must complete your registration by the conclusion of the state qualifier so please bring your completed registration form (you can cross off any that don’t qualify) and ONE check made out to UC Regents to cover the athlete and team fees and any pre-paid t-shirt orders. I’ll be there to help figure out how much you owe.

For those clubs with L7-10s and pre-qualified L5/6s who haven’t registered for L5-10 State Championships and will not be attending the L5/6 Qualifier, please send your registrations directly to Golden Bear now.

The registration form can be found at http://www.ncbga.com/wp-content/uploads/2012boys_state_meet_entry_form.pdf

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