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If you are going to regionals please make sure you register through USAG online registration! Heather sent out information on getting coaches Polo sizes so please make sure you get that done by Thursday. [email NCBGA Treasurer, Heather Flores requesting the form link]

Over last weekend we elected the “new” NCBGA Board of Directors. They will not start their positions until August 1st 2019 which is why I have new in quotes. Syque Caeser was elected as NorCal State Chair and has a voice/no vote as part of the board; Lee Pinkstaff was elected NCBGA Chairman, Heather Flores was elected Treasurer; Chris Nagy was elected Secretary; and Vince Miller At Large. We still have openings for Vice Chair and 2 at large positions. According to the bylaws those positions will be appointed by the board.

Bids for next years State Championships. We (NCBGA Board of Directors) decided that we would take all bids for next year’s Championships regardless of format. If you want to put a bid for a 1 weekend level 4/5 state and level 6 -10 on a separate weekend, we will look at that; if you want to bid as one weekend all regional qualifiers meet and then a level 4,  xcel and all division 2 athletes we will look at that. We don’t want to limit clubs ability to host State Championships and would like to look at all possibilities. Having said that, the deadline for getting bids in for State Championships in is June 1st.

All-Star team clinic is this coming weekend; Sunday March 24th at Elevate. Syque has already sent info on this so I won’t repeat it here (if you do need it let me know and I’ll get it to you). This clinic is for the All-Star teams, but we encourage all coaches to attend.

Minutes from the general membership meeting will be posted on the website in the next few days. If you didn’t attend the meeting, it would be a good idea to look them over.

That’s all for now!

Lee Pinkstaff, NCBGA Chairman
Lee’s United Gymnastics Academy


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