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The 2018 Youth Olympic Games will be held October 6 to 18 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

One male athlete will be chosen to represent the United States. One coach will also be chosen for the Youth Olympic Games. The athlete and coach will be selected from a pool of individuals who meet the participant criteria as noted in the 2018 Youth Olympic Games Selection Procedures and who have also pre-registered with the USOC.

The selection procedures for the 2018 Youth Olympic Games can be found at: https://usagym.org/PDFs/Pressbox/Selection%20Procedures/m_18yog.pdf

Athletes and coaches selected for the Youth Olympic Games are required to stay for entire Youth Olympic Games regardless of the actual competition schedule for men’s gymnastics. The USOC defines the Period of Stay as the period from the Opening Ceremony until the Closing Ceremony of the Youth Olympic Games. For the 2018 Youth Olympic Games, the duration is from October 6 to October 18, 2018.

Athletes and coaches who wish to be considered for selection to the Youth Olympic Games and who meet the criteria noted in the Youth Olympic Games selection procedures must preregister with the USOC. 

In order to be considered for selection to the YOG you must send your name, one good email address, headshot (50kb or larger), and a copy of your passport (.jpg format only), to Lisa Mendel at lmendel@usagym.org no later than May 1, 2018.  The email address will be sent to the USOC to trigger an invitation to be emailed to you to complete the registration process.  Your passport cannot expire before April 7, 2019.

You will receive an invitation from the USOC to complete the online YOG registration process. USOC registration must be completed no later than May 10, 2018 to be eligible for selection the YOG.  Please note that this is a USOC function.  If someone does not complete this process by May 10, there is no way of completing it for you and you will not be in consideration for the YOG.  It is highly recommended that you complete this process as soon as possible and not wait until May 10.  If you have technical difficulties, contact Lisa Mendel immediately.

If you have any questions regarding this information, please contact either me or Lisa Mendel.

For USA Gymnastics,

Dennis McIntyre


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