Open Letter…

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To all of our amazing professionals:
This is a letter from Jay Barrows to the coaches of Maryland. He has eloquently stated how I, and most others, feel in this time….
Our sport is going through a rough time right now.  The actions, or inactions, of a few at the top have given the entire organization a black eye, and in some cases have disgusted us and shaken us to our core. Do not let this discourage you from what you do. There are tens of thousands of professionals in our organization who are good people, and are doing this for the right reasons. We do not coach, or judge, for money or medals. We do it to help kids. We do it for the smile on a child’s face when they get a new trick, whether it is a Level 10 standing up a double back, a Level 4 making a kip, or an XCel making a cartwheel on beam. We do it to make each day that they are with us a better day than if they weren’t. We do it to make them stronger, healthier, and more confident in themselves. We do this to help them become better people. And we do it for our love of the sport. I feel privileged to have gotten to known you all, as fantastic ambassadors for doing our sport the right way, and commend you for your work for the athletes.
~ Jay Barrows
Thank you Jay for the words and Thank you Coaches, Judges, parents and athletes -past and present- for your dedication, love and support of this amazing sport.
Michelle Huffman
NCBGA Chairman
Ohana Gymnastics

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