Region 1 Elite Team Roster

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Congratulations to all athletes and coaches!

Region 1 Men’s Gymnastics Would like to congratulate the following athletes on their qualification and selection to the 2018 Regional Elite Team!

Region 1 Elite Team:
1. Riley Loos- Technique Gymnastics
2. Brandon Nguyen- Elevate Gymnastics Academy 3. Brandon Briones- Aspire Jr. Sun Devils
4. Sam Phillips- G.O. USA
5. Blake Wilson- SCEGA
6. Jeremy Bischoff- Wallers GymJam
Alt: Brady Yamamoto- Aspire Jr. Sun Devils

Head Coach: Pavel Sargsyan- G.O. USA Asst. Coach: Adam Lomax- SCEGA
Asst. Coach: Raj Bhavsar- Wallers GymJam

The Regional Elite Team Championships is being held in conjunction with the American Cup and Nastia Cup at the Sears Centre Arena in Chicago, Ill. March 3, 2018.


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