Level 8 Clarification before Regionals

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Coaches please review these couple of points on routine construction. Level 8 has some pit falls  that I want you to be aware of.

One skill or sequence can only fill one special requirement.


  1. Layout front=B + front tuck=A. This sequence will not fill the B value forward requirement and the combination sequence requirement. It can only fill one of these.  You will still need a B value forward skill somewhere else in your routine.
  2. Whip=B + back layout=B cannot fill both layout backward and combination requirements and FIG dismount requirements.  If you dismount with whip to layout you could be missing 2 requirements if you do not have another layout and another combination pass.
  3. Layout 1.5 twist=C punch Layout front=B will only meet one spec requirement. Combination, Layout backward or B value front but not both.

These things are easy fixes. You may need to add a pass or replace a dismount. Level 8 can be a little tricky and I want to make sure you are not blind sided because this error was not reflected in your start value at state.  Please go back through your routines and make sure that you are getting credit for your groups.  I’m 90 percent sure that everyone was ok but it bares review. If you would like to call me and go over your composition I am free. From 9-1 and 6-9p

The other thing that I noticed is jump to prone skills.  If you do not land your tumbling and show control before jumping to prone, it is a .5 deduction.  I would alleviate all jump prones and replace them with a Swedish fall or just fall to prone.

Dan Wood
707 338 1504


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