AAI High School National Team Championship

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AAI High School National Team Championship

Hosted by THSGCA

The mission of the AAI High School National Team Championship is to celebrate the hard work and dedication our seniors have given to the sport of gymnastics.

May 19th & 20th, 2017

Arizona State University

Gymnast Requirements

Current High School Senior gymnast with a USAG number

Must be accompanied by a coach (either the state team coach or their personal coach)

Entry Fee -$125 Due to the state Chair at Regional Championships or by April 14th

Team Requirements

Northern California will name a team coach responsible for the team at all times. This will also be the coach information is distributed to. Gymnasts may have their personal coaches attend as well.

All Coaches must be USAG members and teams may bring as many coaches as they want.

Meet Format

Modified Capital Cup

Level 9 Rules with a 10.0 Max

-6.0 Exercise Presentation, 2.0 Element Groups, 2.0 Difficulty

Maximum 6 gymnasts per event/3 scores count toward the team score

Teams may use any combination of All-Arounders and Specialists

AAI equipment

A Certified Trainer will be on-site


Competitive attire will be a Northern California All-Star Uniform.

Teams are encouraged to have team warm-ups which may include shorts and t-shirt.

Entries are due to the state Chair at Regional Championships or by April 14th

2017 National Training Day

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2017 national training day flyer (pdf)

And this is the detailed schedule:

10:00 AM

10:30 AM

warm up/Coaches Meeting

10:30 AM

10:40 AM

group assignment and team building

10:40 AM

11:10 AM

First event

11:10 AM

11:15 AM

rotate/group line up

11:15 AM

11:45 AM

Second event

11:45 AM

11:50 AM

rotate/group line up

11:50 AM

12:20 PM

Third event

12:20 PM

12:30 PM

Team building

12:30 PM

1:30 PM

Lunch (offsite, bring money)

1:30 PM

1:50 PM

Warm up

1:50 PM

2:00 PM

Team Building

2:00 PM

2:30 PM

Fourth event

2:30 PM

2:35 PM

rotate/group line up

2:35 PM

3:05 PM

Fifth event

3:05 PM

3:10 PM

rotate/group line up

3:10 PM

3:40 PM

sixth event

3:40 PM

4:00 PM

final activity/closing remarks


J.O. Manual Update

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Age Group Competition Program Update #3 was posted recently, due to the timing of the update, implementation has been delayed until the 2017-2018 season. 

To see the official statement regarding update #3 on the Men’s Page of the USA Gymnastics web site, please use the following link.


For USA Gymnastics,
Dusty Ritter
National Junior Olympic Program Coordinator

Nationals Entry Information

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Hello All,

This post contains important information regarding JO National entry. Please read through it in its entirety…

JO National Entry Procedures:

  1. All entry will be done by the Regional Chairman via the meet reservation system. No forms required.
  2. Each qualifying athlete must complete the NCAA release form. This form can be found here: NCAA Release form
  3. JO National entry fee is $165/athlete. Please submit 1 check per club payable to USAG Region 1.
  4. Please submit the GK apparel order form (2017gk-jo-mens) to (Adam Lomax or Laurie Satmary) along with separate payment to USAG Region 1.
  5. If you have a petition make sure you have all necessary documents including doctors note, men’s program petition form, scores and payment prior to submitting it to me.

Also, the JO nationals website is now finally live… here is the link JO Nationals Website

Entries must be completed prior to the conclusion of Region 1 Championships. I would like them to be done by Saturday evening immediately following the JE session or by Friday evening if you do not have JE athletes.

Thank you all and I look forward to seeing you all this week!

Safe Travels to all!

Adam Lomax
Region 1 Chairman

Level 8 Clarification before Regionals

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Coaches please review these couple of points on routine construction. Level 8 has some pit falls  that I want you to be aware of.

One skill or sequence can only fill one special requirement.


  1. Layout front=B + front tuck=A. This sequence will not fill the B value forward requirement and the combination sequence requirement. It can only fill one of these.  You will still need a B value forward skill somewhere else in your routine.
  2. Whip=B + back layout=B cannot fill both layout backward and combination requirements and FIG dismount requirements.  If you dismount with whip to layout you could be missing 2 requirements if you do not have another layout and another combination pass.
  3. Layout 1.5 twist=C punch Layout front=B will only meet one spec requirement. Combination, Layout backward or B value front but not both.

These things are easy fixes. You may need to add a pass or replace a dismount. Level 8 can be a little tricky and I want to make sure you are not blind sided because this error was not reflected in your start value at state.  Please go back through your routines and make sure that you are getting credit for your groups.  I’m 90 percent sure that everyone was ok but it bares review. If you would like to call me and go over your composition I am free. From 9-1 and 6-9p

The other thing that I noticed is jump to prone skills.  If you do not land your tumbling and show control before jumping to prone, it is a .5 deduction.  I would alleviate all jump prones and replace them with a Swedish fall or just fall to prone.

Dan Wood
707 338 1504

All Star Team Training Camp

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Congratulations of being named to the Northern California All Star Team!

Please join us for the All Star Team Training Camp. This camp will be a great opportunity to come together as a team, work with many of the best coaches and judges in the state, and learn more about your State teammates and coaches. Uniforms will be available at Regional Championships at the Nor Cal State Table. Team Alternates are invited to Camp and will receive an All Star Team T-shirt at Regionals.

Camp Info (pdf):  2017 AA team letter

Camp Participants (pdf): 2017 All Star Camp Participants

Camp Date:
Sunday, March 26th

Camp Site:
Elevate Gymnastics
3132 Dwight Road Suite #100
Elk Grove, CA 95758

This year we have a new format and schedule:

Levels 51, 61, 71 Compulsory Teams:

Head Coach: Steve Ross

  • Coaches Report Time: 8:00am
  • Athlete Report Time: 8:20am
  • Warm-up: 8:30am
  • Rotations: 8:50-12:50pm
  • Dismissal: 1:00pm

Levels 8, 9, 10, JD Optional Teams:

Head Coach: Scott Burns

  • Coaches Report Time: 1:00pm
  • Athlete Report Time: 1:20pm
  • Warm-up: 1:30pm
  • Rotations: 1:50-5:50pm
  • Dismissal: 6:00pm

Please RSVP to Michelle Huffman and your Head Coach listed above by email if you can NOT attend.

Michelle Huffman: ohanagymwest@yahoo.com

Steve Ross: sross@farwestrice.com

Scott Burns: sburns@calsportscenter.com

2017 National Championships Qualification Procedures

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2017 usagym nationals
On behalf of the JOPC and the Junior Olympic Program Coordinator,

Please give this information wide distribution within your area.

Information regarding the procedure for qualification the Junior Olympic National Championships, as well as the regional allotment to the JO Nationals, has been posted on the men’s page of the USA Gymnastics website.

The direct link to the document is: https://usagym.org/PDFs/Men/Mens%20Program%20Events/17jo/qualification.pdf 

For USA Gymnastics, 

Dennis McIntyre, USA Gymnastics Vice President of Men’s Program

Region 1 Graduating Seniors

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Athletes, parents, coaches… anyone really!

Please check the list below for accuracy and let us know as soon as possible any corrections/changes necessary. (email or comment in the field below)



Junior (& Jr. Elite) National Team Selection

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Information regarding Junior National Team and Junior Elite National Team selection has been posted on the men’s page of the USA Gymnastics website.

The document also contains the qualification process for the Junior Division at the 2017 P&G Gymnastics Championships.

The direct link to the document is: https://usagym.org/PDFs/Pressbox/Selection%20Procedures/m_17jr.pdf 

For USA Gymnastics,

Dennis McIntyre

2017 Region 1 Championships Apparel and Extra Training

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Region 1 Championships

Information on additional training (PDF).



We have now opened up the webpage for ADVANCED ordering of apparel for the Region 1 Championships.  This is the best way to guarantee you get the design you want in the size you want.  We cannot guarantee quantities onsite especially the last couple of days.  Note: Sunday competitors; we highly recommend you pre-order apparel!  All online (advanced) ordering is by credit card (Visa or Mastercard) or Paypal only.

We are again offering another design from the “Hidden Gymnast” line from Melany Klempnauer!  This year it is an Eagle (see below).  Can you count how many hidden gymnasts there are? 

The DEADLINE for Advanced Apparel Ordering is March 21st.  After this date there will only be onsite purchases.


Tim Klempnauer
2017 Region 1 Championships